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How to screenshot on a chromebook

cromebook screenshot

Chromebook screenshot

Screenshots can be useful for a variety of reasons. For example, you can send copies of error messages to support services, show a friend what your game screen looks like, or save a tweet that you suspect will be deleted in a few minutes. Today’s laptops have ways to take screenshots and that includes Chromebooks.

Chromebooks can be a little confusing for someone coming from another platform, especially because their keyboards are somewhat different than those of Macs or Windows PCs.Some keys are missing from other laptops, new ones have been added. However, if you know the basic key combinations for taking screenshots, you better go.

  • To take a screenshot of the entire screen, use the Ctrl + Show Windows key combination. The key is the Windows key, which looks like a rectangle with two lines on the right, lined up on the keyboard (equivalent to the F5 key on the PC keyboard).


  • To take a screenshot of a part of the screen, press Shift + Ctrl + Show Windows keys. You will see the crosshair icon; Click and drag until the part of the screen you want to copy is highlighted, then let go.

After you take a screenshot, you can see a copy of the screenshot in the pop-out window (depending on which version of Chrome OS you are using). This gives you the option to copy the screenshot or quote the image to your clipboard.

cromebook screenshot

The screenshot ends in the folder where you downloaded it. Find the folder with:
  • Select the launcher in the left corner of your display.
  • Look for the “Files” icon below the search field. If you do not see it, select the arrow above and look for the “Files” application there.
  • That icon brings up your file manager. Look for your download folder under the “My Files” category on the left. Your screenshots are.


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